Jun Kawasaki   Composer・ double bass player・theater director

Jun Kawasaki. He is a Japanese double bass player and composer.he studied contrabass under Tetsu Saito and Motoharu Yoshizawa while in university. He has joined as an active member in several projects of contemporary music, improvisational performance, and dance in meny countries especially Turkey and Russia. Through those activities, he acquired new perspectives to create new international works that reconsider Asia from the view point on the border between Asia and Europe. 


Since 2015 he was invited and start to organize Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory at Theater X, Tokyo. 2015 June, Jun kawasaki composed and Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory performed “ORPHANS AND STARS” and collaborated with Israel pianist. In this performance, musicians and actors perform 20 songs. Original texts of each song are mainly from Jewish poet Paul Celan’s pieces and Bertolt Brecht’s pieces. “The end does not end” was premiere for the 100th anniversary project of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor in 2015 at Theater X, Tokyo.



They  are making Music and Poetic Drama — new kind of theatre music combining songs, body, and voice — directed and composed by Jun Kawasaki. Since 2016, he has had collaborative performances with various artists from Armenia, Russia, Buryatia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Based on traditional arts and folklore from all over the world including Japan, we invent and use our unique choral system without relying on any ethnic or religious or classic music. The theatre music is said to be ‘Asian Magic Realism’ relating to creations of Latin American artist Gabriel García Márquez or Spanish poet Federico García Lorca and so on.


Our members have diverse backgrounds such as Butoh, Japanese traditional Noh, contemporary dance, contemporary drama, noise, improvisation, western classic music and so on. 


Noh: sophisticated musical theater in Japan with a long history, can be traced to its origin in the play of minority with a low status or the traveling players just like fine arts or play in other parts of the world can be. 


Butoh: also initially inspired by rural lives and rituals of the common folk in the Northern part of Japan (home of the Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata) that was getting lost in centralized society with emphasis on economy. Butoh dancer and our member Aya also has the unique career and history of works. She joined the film” My Name is Hmmm.....” directed by Agnès b. with Jonas Mekas, Antonio Negri, and Douglas Gordon. 


Kawasaki has  has also composed and performed extensively for theater, dance and Buto about 90 pieces,as a musical director. His major works include music for Camille Claudel, Kenji Miyazawa and Jean-Jacques Rouss eau (dance piecies conceived and choreographed by Senrei Nishikawa, a traditional Japanese dancer), About 1hr. 20min. on Oct. 1&2 in Brecht Festival (Japanese theatre company, Port B / Akira Takayama), Hamlet Machine (Heiner Müller)by Adults and Children (produced by SPAC Shizuoka Performing Arts Center in Japan), Madam Edwarda (George Bataille by Japanese traditional Marionette Theater Edo Ito Ayatsuri).