Jun Kawasaki  (河崎純)  

Composer/ Contrabass player/Theater director

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New CD  Eurasian Poetic Drama


The voice of the folklore goes beyond from tradition. It revived as the future folk songs in our life and art. This music is to listen deeply the heartbeat from invisible ground and water veins of music. The music was created by tracing the ancient layers of traditional music and folklores. IThe music born from the collaboration between Eurasian and Japanese artists is a further evolution.


vol.1   HOMELANDS  feat. Min-a J <Korea>

vol.2  STRANGELANDS  feat. Marya Korneva  <Russia>

Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama 2020

Double bass solo in Kyoto

for String Quartet «Eurasian Spirits»(2019)

No.1 East Sea-Sea of Japann

No.2 Ainu Kotan-Hokkaido 

No.3 Sakhalin-Arirang

No.4 Chechenya-kazakhstan

No.5 Korea


The suite was composed for the Eurasian opera «Sansho Dayu» by Musical and Poetic Drama Lab.It is dedicated to the Russian dancer Alina Mikhaylova.


1st violin: Nao Takahashi 2nd violin: Takuto Takagishi Viola: Kyoko Moriguchi Cello: Toru Yamamoto